Board Sports in Ibiza & Formentera

If you are into board sports then we can fix some adrenaline filled fun for your stay in Ibiza and Formentera. Board Ibiza has a selection of recommended board sports to suit all year round pursuits. Jet Board, Wake Board & Kite Boarding all very giving pursuits for some nice memories and good sporting ache to remind you how much fun you had.


You will need some basic riding experience to get the best value. For absolute beginners we have SUP – the golf of the board world. Just better than going for a walk (paddle) without spoiling it, the scenery is epic and you get to work your core strength and balance. SUP Polo anyone?


For intermediate to advanced riders we recommend trying Jet Boards. Motorised Surfboards that can be electric or two stroke petrol and with speed up to 36km per hour, carves like a snow board and surfs like wakes. You get to feel the wind in your face and the focus that falling off does feel a little like being punched in the ribs (buoyancy jacket essential and helmet if your riding hard). We know electric is quiet, renewable and the future however the reality is that petrol is way better in ride time, speed and performance for now. So as long as the super yachts are in the harbor lets work it out.


For summer group days (5+) why not take a skipper and a boat of your choice to Formentrea or Tagamago Islands. The boat and board fun options are vast as is the fun factor.


For European autumn then Kite Boarding and Wind Surfing is is perfect. The beaches are empty and you have the sea to yourself. We have some great instructors and boarding retreats for the winter, wood fires, tapas, super nice restaurants, pop up dining. You may even catch a swell on one of the surfing beaches.


Please get in touch with your ‘board sport’ Ibiza holiday and we will hook you up with some great  experiences. All year round, our friends and partners will look after you for your stay. They will make sure you return to land with a big smile on your face and a little bit stoked. We can also fix your accommodation and get you around the island(s) to the places you want to go.